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Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors

Geoffrey Leaver are an approachable and passionate team of solicitors in Milton Keynes giving advice to all of their clients – from individuals and small businesses to large multi-national corporations, charities and public bodies. Geoffrey Leaver believe in building long lasting relationships based on trust and respect – and they are proud of the fact that a large proportion of their work comes from the existing client base.


How Geoffrey Leaver Have Helped Us!

Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors have been supporting Headway Milton Keynes since 2018, taking a break during the pandemic when we had to transfer to online sessions. In August 2023, partner, Navdip Gill, made contact with us again, volunteering his and his teams time to help us. Navdip works as a personal injury solicitor, and the team has expertise in brain and head injury cases. 

Currently, Navdip and the team volunteer in our largest sessions, the Cognitive, Education and Lifestyle Programme. In the sessions, Geoffrey Leaver support our clients, ensure we have full engagement, act as scribes, take part in discussions and support the staff with prepping and clearing down the session, alongside with the all important tea and coffee making!

We are incredibly proud of the relationship we have with Geoffrey Leaver and are eternally grateful for the work they do for us and our clients. It is wonderful to be able to see them every week and maintain the consistency that our clients need.

Please see below for the contact details for Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors.

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