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Here you can find all of the much needed updates regarding Headway Milton Keynes! Including what our staff and clients have been up to, service updates and more!

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Santander Community Day!

We would like to say a huge thank you to the generous donation of furniture from Santander, which included wardrobes, whiteboards, paper, small units and more! Headway Milton Keynes has been able to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for our clients. With the help of a dedicated team of volunteers from Santander, we have also been able to redecorate our office and client spaces. See the photos of our newly transformed spaces. Thank you Santander!

Opening 5 Days A Week!

In January 2024, we opened 5-days a week! We decided that due to such high demand for our service, we needed to add more rehabilitation sessions and open full time, introducing a 4th exercise group! We are so pleased to have reached this milestone which has helped us to extend our services further, supporting more individuals with a brain injury now, more than ever!


New Staff Member

In April 2024, we successfully recruited a third brain injury coordinator, working two days per week. Rajesh joined the team and hit the ground running, leading sessions, taking on a client base and supporting with admin tasks.

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